Young Plants Program 2021-2022

Treat yourself for a job well done! The most rewarding part of a great season is hearing the success that you have achieved from your hard work and dedication over the past months.
Moving into a fresh season, we are here for you year round for all your Young Plant needs!
NEW varieties for the 2021-2022 season are bolded for ease of navigation. New additions to note are the Bidens Cupcake™ series in soft pastel hues, the Nemesia Momento® series with a sweet fragrance and compact growth habit, and the Gaillardia Lunar® series which perform well even in dry climates.
Our tropical and succulent sections have expanded and there are also a host of new Calibrachoa, Dahlia, and Petunia colours to discover!
We’d like to thank you for your working relationships and we look forward to growing with you this season!