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Office Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

Garden Center: 604-857-4944

Wholesale Sales:  604-625-2662

Wholesale Availability

Please use the button below for the easy-to-order, live availability system! If you have an account, please CLICK HERE to Log in to order and view your pricing.

*Availability will open in a separate window. Log In is on the top right corner of the screen*

If you are looking to set up an account, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. 

Online Ordering Details

  • Availability quantity is listed in flats; orders should be placed in number of flats
  • To enter the quantity you are looking for, click on the “Qty space” beside the product you would like to order, and enter the amount. 
  • Press Enter on your keyboard to bring you to the next line. Arrow keys adjust your number up or down. 
  • To submit your order, you will need to select “Review Order” on the top right hand of the page. When you click this a pop-up will appear. You will need to choose how you would like your order to be shipped: Devan to Customer, Customer pick-up, or courier. You will also have the option of adding a PO or a short note. 
  • After you have selected a shipping method, PO, and note, you will be brought to a screen where you can review the total of your order, the shipping location of your order, and what you have ordered.  
  • When you are satisfied with your order, you can click submit order on the top right of the page. If you would like to go back and add more, you can select edit to go back and add more. If you entered the incorrect amount you can change the amount on the review order screen. 
  • If you would like your order shipped to United Flower Growers (UFG), in the “PO”, provide your auction number and in the “Order/Shipping Notes”, please state Tuesday auction or Thursday auction. 
  • Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an acknowledgment email. 
  • Once the order has been processed in the office you will receive a confirmation of your order. 
  • If you log out and the order is not submitted, your order will not be saved. 
  • Filters are great for ordering! Remember, if you are searching for an item in a specific filter, then change or add a new filter, it will still look for that item within the new filter. You will need to remove your search before adding or removing a filter. 
  • Colour, variety, pot covers, custom UPC’s, or special requests should be emailed. Special requests are subject to a $0.25 per pot upcharge. 
  • Remember to save this webpage to easily check back on inventory! 

What is the order Minimum?

  • The minimum for all orders being delivered by Devan is $600.00.
  • The minimum for orders being picked up or shipped via courier is $300.00. 

Your sales rep is eager to provide you with all the information you need about delivery! Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for delivery information and locations!

How much product fits on a cart?

Quantity per shelf/layer.

  • 5cm= 16 flats per layer
  • 6cm, 1201, 606, and Fibre Packs = 8 per layer
  • 10cm = 7 flats per layer
  • 19cm = 12 flats per layer
  • 30cm HB = 16 baskets per layer

Estimated quantity per cart (numbers vary depending on plant height).

  • 5cm= 8 shelves, 128 flats per cart
  • 6cm, 1201, 606, and Fibre Packs = 6 shelves, 48 flats per cart
  • 10cm = 5 shelves, 35 flats per cart 
  • 19cm = 4 shelves, 60 flats per cart
  • 30cm HB = 64 baskets per cart