Young Plants Program

2020 has definitely been a unique year and we’re excited to be looking forward to a fresh start in 2021!

Our full listing shows everything that our 6 main suppliers are offering this season, any bolded items you see throughout the price list are NEW for 2021.

Some varieties in the spotlight include Petunia Splash Dance™ with a unique speckled pattern, Impatiens Sol Luna™ which thrive in both sun and shade, and Calibrachoa Ombre™ which feature multiple shades of colour (similar to the Chameleon® series but still unique!). We also see a new type of Mimulus that is a cross with Torenia (to include the best features of both) and available in four lovely shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. Lastly, we’ve included tropical varieties such as Baby Tears, Bolivian Turtle Vine, Wandering Jew, and more!

As always, we are here for you year round for any Young Plants needs you have through all four seasons. Stay strong, work together, and do what we all love to do best…grow!